Spanish Wells to Rose Island

Although we had had a great time up in Eleuthera, we had a timetable to meet to get the Swifts back to Nassau on the 27th Dec.
With an iffy weather forecast, we decided to start moving S, stopping on the way wherever we fancied.
We sailed E and had a look at Royal Island, somewhere all the guide books say there is a marina but having talked to Tom at the Shipyard, where there very definitely isn’t. It is sadly a fairly typical tale of the times. Everything was planned, big money already to make it an island paradise with cruise ships lined up to arrive. Then recession hit and the money bailed out. It remains a beautiful anchorage, largely unspoilt although for how long, who knows.
We anchored out about an hour’s sail SE of Spanish Wells and had a quick explore on a “treasure island”. Not sure if a couple of beat up conch shells really count as treasure but the kids were happy! Stewart was less so having been followed back to the boat by a 6 foot Barracuda having gone out paddle boarding. It then stuck around the boat, slowly circling and refusing the lures Ed threw at it with the fishing rods.
We had the intent of doing a long run SW the next day to the delightfully named Booby Island. I’m not sure who thought it was funnier, Thomas (age 4) or Ed and Stewart (allegedly grown ups). As with all great plans, it didn’t survive contact with the enemy; that being the wind or rather then lack of it for much of the day. We did manage a few hours very slow sailing, pushing out into the deep water in the hope of catching dinner (result – one very small Black fin Tuna which we returned) before running out of time and stopping inside at the SW end of Current Island. Perhaps the name should have given us a clue. With 3.5knts measured running at one point, it probably wasn’t the best of anchorages but it was flat water and sheltered from the strong E that set in overnight so it was put up with. A tired skipper ensured an early start. Good holding maybe but not good for the nerves!
We had a good run S the next day. With a few days to spare we had decided to stop at Rose Island just to the NE of Nassau. Famous for its role as the main reef used for the James Bond film, Thunderball (the original one) it sounded like a good option. It was.

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