Current Location

We have a fancy device called a Delorme inReach ( for details) on board which we have finally got around to activating.

Put simply it is a simplified satellite phone without the phone ( think iTouch to iPhone) which gives us the ability to send a satellite SOS and a very limited number of text messages per month. It isn’t a replacement for a EPIRB which I already have but I saw it as a secondary back up system if needs must and a cheap way of having some limited satellite comms on board

For the purpose of this site, it also allows us to track and map ourselves on our trip. We have set it up initially for a ping every hour. We will see how the battery lasts.

If anyone knows how to properly embed this map directly into the page, grateful for comments and pointers. At the moment, we can’t even get the machine to use a title in place of the URL. Again, any handy tips gratefully received.

6 thoughts on “Current Location”

  1. Ideally I think you add the map to a blog in an ‘iFrame’.

    Trouble is I don’t think supports iFrames due to security reasons.

    So, in they use ‘Shortcodes’ to do specific things; but not sure any exist for your inReach map either:

    Might be worth searching around this though…

    Not sure this helps or not?



    1. Thanks, Steve. Forgot you should be a bit of a guru on this stuff. You may get more cries for help! We’ll have a look tomorrow to see we can work this out.

      Thanks for the pointer.



  2. Hi Stewart, Your Mum shared your address.
    If/when you reach Australia, I hope we can catch up.
    I still have contact with David and his family and the girls on Facebook.
    Cheers and all the best with your amazing adventure.
    I am currently travelling Aus in a Toyota Troopy which is great fun.
    Bye for now


    1. Hi Sue,

      Lovely to hear from you! I dare say Mum has given you our planned timetable so expect us in about 2 years.

      I’ll look you up on Facebook too. At the moment, we are better at putting our photos up there than we are updating the blog….

      Best wishes



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