Meeting the Girl Scouts of South East Florida

The international nature of the Girl Guiding movement offers us an amazing opportunity to tap into a social circle for the girls.  Eleanor has been a Brownie for nearly two years and Hannah was enrolled the week before we left into the 2nd Andover Brownies pack.  On arrival in Fort Lauderdale, Stewart was tasked to find the local Brownie troop – with 20,000 Girl Scouts in South East Florida, this was not going to be easy.  With the sheer number of troops, it is hard to pinpoint where and how often troops meet.

Fortunately we managed to get hold of the regional coordinator. Even more fortuitously they were holding an event that Friday where 120 Girl Scouts were coming together from across the region to learn all about bees.  She kindly allowed us to come along, even though the event was fully subscribed.

The girls had a great evening moving round six stands doing a variety of craft, tasting and learning.  Troop 11110, headed up by Marjory and Crystal, befriended us and took us under their wing. They were so friendly and the girls were really interested about British Brownies.  We are really hoping to be able to make it along to their next meeting on 18 Nov.

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