Hannah Has Her Say

The boat

It’s awesome on the boat because you see lizard’s everywhere. You can see a picture of my lizard box that I made out of a mummy’s shoe box.

You can see the lizard H has drawn inside – it also has a big love heart with a speech bubble saying ‘I love lizards’. The lizards’ front door can be also be seen. My crazy Hannah!

Also you can see lots of things in the river. We have seen coconuts, small and big fish which we have been trying to catch and this morning we saw a big dead lizard floating around us. It’s tail and it’s arm had been chewed off. It was still more than 30cm long!

The pink lemonade here is amazing! It is really tasty. Daddy says we won’t be able to get much of this once we are in the Caribbean islands. Not fair!

We have been rowing around in the dinghy. I’m not very good yet so Daddy ties me onto the boat so I don’t float away.

It is really noisy here because they are working on the road and building a bigger bridge right beside where we live. There are two huge cranes and dropping big bits of metal on the building site. And we have not go any internet you have to go to the mall it’s dreadful!

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