Disney World

It had to happen. Starting the boat trip from Florida? 100 miles from Disney World? A bit of time before we could safely head off after the Hurricane season came to an end?

No way was I going to get out of it. We have been here 6 days now and I have to admit, I’m even enjoying the experience although I am being allowed to get in some of the better rides.

It has been great to meet up with the Tuckers, friends from home who are out on holiday here. The girls, both young and old, have been v happy to catch up and me as I got all the courtesy flags from Steve who was kind enough to bring them out from the UK for me. Saved me a fortune.

What we have found out:

E and H are both speed junkies in the making; Lou definitely isn’t (although in her defence she has managed most of the rides without screaming too much….)

H IS 48″ tall. Well, at least when she stands tall and perhaps, just perhaps, stands on her tiptoes. Only one of the Disney Cast members has picked her up so far.

Typhoon Lagoon (with the worlds biggest wave pool) is brilliant; Blizzard Beach less so.

Harry Potter Land is v well done. However, the Butterbeer as sold in Disney is truly, truly repulsive. Doesn’t seem to stop small children from enjoying it simply because it is called Butterbeer. See photo of H throwing it back.

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